Getting Ready & your Wedding Photography

Getting ready locations: This may be the most important - get ready as close to the venue as possible. Yes this may mean getting an AirBnb for the night, but in the grand scheme of things a small investment could save you a lot of time, and reduce the need for paying for extra hours of Photography coverage just for your Photographer/Videographer to be doing lengthy drives between locations. Also this means less time that you need to be sitting around ready in your Wedding attire, driving in your Wedding attire etc.

Lighting: Another advantage to getting an AirBnb is that you can choose a space filled with natural light and a blank canvas for your photos. Regardless of booking something or using your home/families homes - having a clear, clutter free space is optimal for the getting ready photos & ideally some nice natural light (something to think about when choosing your space, and hot tip don't leave it to the day of to clear the space).

Have hair & makeup finished by the time I arrive, this means you're ready to go and I can get more natural getting ready photos (not photos of you next to a ring light) - keep in mind if you wish to have photos of the makeup process this is fine too, it's your day, it's just not something I typically capture. If hair/makeup happens to be running over, I recommend bump whoever was second last before you so that you can get in the chair and be starting to do your getting ready shots when I arrive whilst the last person gets finished.

Have your outfits ready, and details out in one spot, by a big natural light source (window, skylight) so I can grab some quick details shots, note that I may use you for some of these hence why I want you mostly ready when I arrive. When thinking about your details you also have to option of making them extra special by utilising special items such as special ring boxes, including a sentimental item from a loved one, sunnies, or anything extra that shows your personality and helps tell the story of your bond & relationship style.

Suits: be showered & dressed in your slacks & shirt by the time I arrive (no details; shoes, tie, jacket stay off). If you have any getting ready casuals that you want to have on and captured prior to putting on suits this is fine too just let me know, still be showered & ready otherwise. Details to have out ready for me to capture often include: Shoes, tie, cologne, rings, invite, sentimental items, button hole, watch, cufflinks, special drinking glasses etc.

Dresses: Be ready with hair/makeup complete ideally, and either in getting ready PJs/casuals if you want photos together like that. If not, have Wedding Party in their Wedding Attire, Bride to wait to put the dress on until I'm there. Details to have out ready for me to capture often include: Shoes, perfume, rings, invite, sentimental items, bouquet, jewellery, special drinking glasses etc.

Think about outside space: Ideally I love to get some photos outside, including some portraits of you & your Wedding party. When choosing your location have a think about outside backdrop & lighting; this doesn't mean it has to have a good yard space, it can mean that there's some architectural spots outside or nearby that you love that can be used for this part.

Champagne Spray/Confetti Canon/Extra fun things: When getting ready photos are happening it doesn't have to be all standing near a window and looking into the distance, I love to get people having a laugh and letting those pre-wedding jitters show. Feel free to having some cheap champagne ready for a spray photo, or a nice bottle of something with fancy glasses if you're having spirits/cocktails/mocktails ;-)

*Lastly, I recommend allocating one space or room for the Wedding Party to have all their bags & items, somewhere we won't be using for photos, that way it reduces the amount of clutter around the place. Then use a seperate spot for the Bride/Groom's items. This way things like matching items don't get confused when it's time to get ready.