Below are the Terms & Conditions for Standard Photography Sessions (excluding Weddings - these will have their own similar terms laid out in the Contract emailed through to be signed upon booking)


For standard sessions: Upon booking your session, you will need to pay a minimum non-refundable deposit of $100 to secure your date & time, with the remainder of the booking cost being due within 5 days of your booking. Your date is not held unless a deposit is paid. 


If there is a reasonable concern that requires the session be rescheduled (extreme weather, covid /illness, etc.) I would hold the deposit/session payment and we reschedule to another day/time and I’ll do my best to work you in as soon as I can for a day that suits us both, there may be a wait particularly for weekend dates. 

If you decide to cancel your session due to change of mind/personal reasons (and you’re not wanting to reschedule) then you need to provide a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice for standard sessions. If you cancel before this period, you will receive a refund of any payments made except for your deposit. 

If you fail to give the minimum notice period your deposit and any other payments will be forfeited to compensate for potential loss of work due to holding your date, and time spent on planning and equipment organisation. 

If you need to reschedule due to illness/emergency but I am unable to accommodate a new date within a suitable period of the original booking date (within 3 months for standard sessions) and you wish to cancel you will receive a refund of all payments made minus the non-refundable deposit. 

You are entitled to 1 reschedule date within reason, if the reschedule date is then cancelled by client they may forfeit their deposit. Special consideration may be taken on a case by case basis at the discretion of Hannah Briggs Photography.


The client enters into the booking with knowledge that they may be required to be prompted at times to achieve desired effect for images, the client agrees to cooperate and be guided by Hannah Briggs Photography & accepts her working style. Hannah Briggs Photography is not to be held responsible if client is unhappy with images if one or more parties in the session is uncooperative. 

The client is responsible for the conduct of their other participants. Hannah Briggs Photography will not tolerate verbally or physically abusive behaviour. If the client is unable to provide a safe environment resulting in unacceptable behaviour such as listed above, or if the conduct of their guests/participants damages any of the photographers equipment, it will result in the early or immediate departure of the photographer. The client understands that in such an event, no refunds will be granted. 


I will deliver your photos to you within 3-4 weeks (for standard sessions).

You will receive your photos via an online gallery where you can download all your high resolution, edited photos (as per package booked) ready for download & printing along with the web size resolution copies suitable for sharing.

The online gallery will be available for 3 months from publishing and deleted afterwards – it is your responsibility to download all your photos before this date – a reminder email will be sent to you before the gallery is removed. If you require an extension of your gallery a maintenance fee may be charged to reinstate/extend.

At no stage will RAW/unedited files be delivered. 


The client acknowledges that they are familiar with my style, have read my what to wear and what to expect guide for session info, and that each session may bring different lighting/elements, different locations and people/outfits which can all alter the finished product of the images.

The client acknowledges that I often shoot in times where the light isn’t too harsh (including sunrise/early morning, late afternoon/evening or sunset, or as shaded as possible if full sunlight is unavoidable), if the client wishes to book outside these times they accept that some photos may not have the same desired effect as a lot of my prior work advertised but that I will always try to adjust myself and clients around lighting to ensure the best quality images possible. As a photographer my work is constantly evolving and I am always learning, the client acknowledges that photos taken may be different from those taken in the past and that Hannah Briggs Photography will strive to use their skills and artistic flair to bring the clients vision for the session to life. 

The client acknowledges that whilst all delivered images will be edited, any extensive/advanced editing (including but not limited to removal of defects/distracting elements, people or objects, retouching of body parts etc) is not included in my pricing and will not be carried out unless agreed upon by Hannah Briggs Photography & Client, in which case additional fees may occur. 


Hannah Briggs Photography retains the right to use the photographs for advertising or otherwise promoting her work. The client must inform Hannah Briggs Photography in writing if they do not wish to have their images used in any advertising or promoting.

Force Majeure. If Photographer is unable to attend Event due to fire, flood, casualty, strike, civil disturbance, war, terrorism, or other major disaster beyond the parties’ control, then Photographer shall return all money paid by Client (excluding deposit), and this Agreement shall immediately terminate. 


Photo’s delivered to the client are for private, domestic and personal use only (unless otherwise stated in booking agreement or consent in writing). Any sale or commercial use must have written approval by Hannah Briggs Photography. The client does NOT have the right to edit, change, add to, take from, alter or otherwise amend the photographs without the prior written consent of Hannah Briggs Photography except in the case of cropping an image (including but not limited to applying filters over the image).

The client may submit images to their other vendors for social media use only or to “real weddings” sections of websites, magazines, and blogs, however, a credit to Hannah Briggs Photography as the Photographer must be given in the form of either a social media handle and/or direct website link. Our social media handle is and our website is