Finally their day arrived!

Kate and Claire's love story was one to remember - I loved hearing how they met and were friends for years until deciding there was something more there that they should pursue, and then cut to their wedding day, surrounded by their beautiful daughter, family and closest friends in a beautiful Sorrento location, they got to solidify their commitment to each other by Marriage.

When I spoke to them after delivering their gallery, they mentioned their favourite part of the day... "[It was] so beautiful, and in all honesty, I forgot you were even there, yet have soooo many photos. So great."

"Our first look…. The whole day stood still, it was just us! Our moment, enjoying the lovely moment that we had waited nearly 3 years for!"

"If I could recommend that every Wedding uses you for their Photography they will also be as happy as we were"

Kate & Claire booked an AirBnB in Sorrento, and stayed there the week before the Wedding so that there was no last minute rush to get there and get ready, they had the Ceremony and Reception festivities at the house and showed that you can be totally present with your partner and your guests throughout your Wedding Day, and still get great images! I was able to truly document them and their day, and even when the timing of things didn't quite go as planned we were able to easily make alternate arrangements as everything was being done in the one location.

"We thought we were well and truly organised and then time got away, the planned photos on the beach pre wedding post first look didn’t happen…. And thank god.. because I ended up dragging half of Port Phillip Bay’s seaweed in my lace dress train when we eventually did! Casual, funny and relaxed is how you made us feel on the day and they were our main objectives."

Kate's Sister who is an experienced florist (handy!) did the epic floral arrangements and had also been staying at the AirBnB, so when I arrived it was all stations going as the incredible Tiarna Robertson ( ) was busy with finishing Makeup touches and Brylee was finalising the last Bridesmaid's Hair. I got to settle in, take some images of their beautiful setup and details, including some sentimental items to remember both Brides' Mums. Both Brides were extra emotional around getting ready without their Mums with them, and I had to try choke back the emotions as I watched them go through theirs! Again around their Vows - I've said it before but I'm a sucker for the Wedding Day emotions!

After delivering a Wedding Gallery I always ask my clients if they have any tips or advice for Engaged Couples that are in the planning stages or coming up to their Wedding, Kate and Claire noted that if there was anything they would do differently it would be to have "more time and music and dancing!" and it seems like a common theme, the Wedding Day often just flies by so quickly - I love the time out for the Couples photos where the Couple just get to have fun with each other, soak up the day and the atmosphere, have some laughs, maybe a cheeky drink or two and just enjoy their day after the nerves and excitement start to settle a bit. They also mentioned "great food, great venue, great Photographer and Celebrant!" when asked about must have items for the Day. Their Celebrant, Naomi Korolew ( ) was a legend on the day; creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere, and having having a calming effect. She knew exactly the right prompts to ensure the ceremony ran smoothly and was just generally engaging, all the while keeping the focus on Kate & Claire!

"And overall don’t overthink any of it, it is what it is and even if things don’t go to plan…. Make it the new plan"

I was so grateful to be apart of this love fest, between two incredible Women! A lasting note from the Brides below, and a "The photos are permanent little memories! Having captured candid moments is just as important as stunning glamorous shots. Just so happy with the day and everyone involved, and if I could recommend that every Wedding uses you for their Photography they will also be as happy as we were.... but that's a very very busy schedule for you!!"

"Keep an open mind, nothing is in concrete and you can’t control everything! Especially weather, trust the professionals!!"


Hair: Hair by Brylee @hairbybrylee__

Flowers: Prues flowers @pruesflowers

Make up: Tiarna Robertson makeup @tiarnarobertsonmakeup 

Food: Just Graze @justgraze.d

Games and furniture hire: always eventive @alwayseventive

Celebrant: Naomi Korolew @naomikorolew

Kates dress: Designer Bridal House @designerbridalhouse